I woke up only 15 minutes ago and Im trying to remember my dream.  I can only remember a child at a bus stop.  Or it feels like a bus stop.  I can only remember the concrete under my feet.  But there have been many occassions in this dream where my bottle of water would roll to the back of the waiting seat area of the bus stop.  Once it rolls to the back wall under the seats, a child picks it up and hands it to me.  It happened several times in this dream and I scolded the child to not touch it.

I remember other parts of the dream where I am actually trying to do other things but in the end I am back to that place trying to get the waterbottle away from the little child.  Then the same thing happened and the child told me he/she will not pick it up anymore.    I dont know what else happened in this dream.  I cant remember, but when I woke up, my head was upside down hanging at the edge of the bed. Hahaha

Yes it is 2:05PM and yes I woke up 20 min ago.  I didnt sleep last night. Maybe for only 2 hours.  I tried to study last night for my Statistics exam that I took this morning.  It was not productive because I actually took the test and I think I went blank how to do it.  I did extremely well on the last page of the test. Haha IM crazy.  Now I know what I have been lacking.  I need to get on it with the studying and the work.  Paper due MOnday.  ARGHH gosh I need to get on top of things.

Hopefully I got time to read the law of one this weekend.  Even for just a few.  Then maybe I can do more belief work on myself for THeta.



I had a strange dream last night about my Professor telling me to finish my homework.  Then I woke up and thought of CS. Then I went back to sleep. I tossed and turned in bed because I am not use to sleeping on my back.  Also I havent eaten normal like I use to.  Im eating less cause my parents have diabetes and so they are reducing their diet.  Oh well. Might be good for me I guess. I think I lost a lot of weight. I dont remember the rest of my other dreams for the evening, but I had multiple.  I didnt remember them because I woke up thinking about this VOICE I heard. Right about before I opened my eyes, I heard a voice say, “You are rude on the phone.”  Then I went to my computer to use the dictionary.  Yeah…I dont have a hard copy dictionary at all because they are still in boxes.

So here it is.  Rude on the phone.  FREAKED Me out hearing those words.  I shouldnt really freak out because this is not the first time I heard voices before I wake up.  When I was a child, I use to hear children playing outside at 10pm at night.  I would tell my mother that I hear children playing outside.  She would tell me that its not true.  But I use to hear it every single night.   I always wanted to go outside to play and would stare out the window if I could.  At that age of 3 or 4 years old, I was not tall enough to look out the window, but I would stand there looking up and hearing children playing.  My mother told me she doesnt hear anything.  I thought she just said that cause she didnt want me to go outside.  But I have longed for to go outside and play. Never happened. I listened to my mom. I remember her reading me a Winnie the Pooh book for me at bedtime.

So the words, “YOU ARE RUDE ON THE PHONE.” What does it mean?  It could mean I could literally be rude.  Or it could mean that I am misbehaving on the phone. It could also mean that I am not good on the phone. I am bad on the phone.  It could mean I am not doing good things over the phone.  Yes….food for thought. I wanted to record this now, so I can refrence it and remember it in the future.

Today….church, studying and work. Ughhhhh. Yep….Statisitics, MicroLab notebook and textbook reading will get me caught up. Ohhh and Micro paper is due next week.ARGHHH!