I dreamed that I was talking to a man and it felt like a person I already knew.  I felt the disconnection but at the same time I felt a lot of pride passing through between us.  It felt like we were already disconnected by separation or divorce in this dream.  A bit of me was for sure still in love with him.  We were both alone in a bedroom and we had a major discussion about our relationship.  He had medium long hair and he was wearing a suit tux. I wasnt sure what I was wearing but it felt like I was wearing something nice.  I then remember going down a beautiful stairway. Down the stairs was a long bar made out of dark wood.  The bartender asked me what I wanted to drink.  As I leaned back while sitting on my stool, I could see that the man I spoke to earlier in my room upstairs was sitting at the other end.

At this point I heard my phone ALARM and woke up.



SO here it is.  One person trying to convince me that ThetaHealing is Hocus Pocus.  His name is RH.  Yes an old friend of mine I never spoke to in months and here he is returning into my life telling me that ThetaHealing is Hocus Pocus.  What gives him the right to sway me?  What gives him the right to tell me its wrong?  I told him he should stop judging and learn by experience before he can judge it.

Im trying not to make this into a trigger.  I have to admit a piece me got a little upset, but at the same time a little voice deep inside of me is saying to let him go.  Im wondering if this is something I need to work on.

My experience has been a great one.  ThetaHealing has saved me from a lot of emotional issues and has improved most of my relationships with family/friends.  I was told months ago that my face looks a lot happier.  No longer a pain in my face but pure smiles and happiness.  It is actually the best thing that has happened to me.  I dont care what people have to say about it.  I only know what I know about what I have experienced it.

Its hard to discuss these things who do not believe.  It saddens me because I cannot call it wrong or say it was not real.  Ive struggled many months doubting myself with ThetaHealing in the beginning.  There is a process after learning ThetaHealing.

First you go through a series of days or weeks thinking to yourself, is this really happening?  What is happening to me….is it real? I would say to myself that I WANT TO BELIEVE.  Because this doesnt work if you dont believe it.  A piece of me was in disbelief and at the same time I was looking for hope.  But there were too many miracles that happened right after learning THetaHealing.  I was finally able to see the truth with my own experience.

I use to think this was crazy too.  Why am I writing this anyway?  I think there was one ounce me bothered by this incident.  At the same time, I am saying to myself that he is innocent and he has nothing to complain about.  Im debating to figure out if I need to do a THetahealing from him teaching me to feel like this is not real.  But see…………its not that was triggering me. WHat triggered me I think was that he was doing it again.  Forcing his beliefs on me.

I do not want to be treated this way.

I ask Creator to send him unconditional love and to those who try to make me feel that I am crazy. I know I am not crazy. I just need to be treated with respect that I can believe what I believe in.