I am actually exhausted.

I think I spent a lot of time thinking about strategies for Sacramento Fashion Week.  Advertising, Sponsorship and Marketing has been the highlight of my day today.

Also a lot of people want to stick their hand into the jar.  Yes many have tried to ask me for partnership or do some kind of collaboration.  Well…thats a different story.  I wish I had the energy right now to type out how I feel about all this.  But I am forcing myself right now to do this because I might forget tomorrow.

I do have a project in the works that is related to Sac Fashion Week.  I hope it will be a success.  I think it is time for Sacramento to have one.  Until I can establish that it is doable….then I will tell the whole world about this plan.  I need to sit with my assistants and talk about this before proceeding.

I think Im also exhausted because of school and also a little bit of insomnia.  Not sure if it is.  Maybe Im thinking too much.


I also wanted to mention that SACRAMENTO FASHION WEEK is officially now in the International Fashion Show Calendar.

Here is the link: