In this dream, I arrived at a house where there were men in my family.  My uncle Chris, my dad and there were more but my dad and chris stood out the most in my dream.  It felt like they were watching a football game.  I remember some guy took me to the bedroom and gave me seawood, crackers and more.  We ate it and then did the same in the living room.  Then instead of all the men watching football, they were all watching the sky.  The moon started to get brighter and brighter. Large and plump moon.  The men became all excited.  I was kind of weirded out about it.  I felt like someone took my arm and said look at a different perspective.   I was able to see from outside but this time like looking back at another direction.  The moon was large and I saw a white glowing thing front of it.  I said to myself, “aliens”.  Then someone touched me and I was back inside the house and everything looked normal again.  Then I saw my Uncle Chris picked up his cellphone and I heard him talk to my Aunt.  I couldnt hear my Aunt talking but I already knew telepathically what she wants him to do.  She wanted him to write the things they were thankful for about their lives together.  I said to myself, “Cute.  They are such a cool couple.”  I looked at one of the men and I saw SS saying I want to go home.  I told everyone in the house, if she is going home, I wanna go too.  They said okay go right ahead.  Then I said, “I gotta go bathroom first okay?”  They all said go right ahead.  I went to bathroom and returned and then was ready to leave.   I WOKE UP.