I am so exhausted. I don’t even know where to begin.

First I dreamed that I was feeling like restricted.  Felt caged up.  Then I felt like I was dreaming of myself with a loved one.  Like a partner or lover but specifically with a male.  I talked to him about Architecture and said I enjoyed all of this stuff.  I enjoyed talking about it.  Then later I find myself thinking of having this argument like he didn’t like the idea that I was talking to someone or making new friends about architecture.  I saw myself feeling bad.  I felt like since he felt uncomfortable about me sharing something new about a new subject with someone else, I started to feel his insecurity.  Something a part of was very conscious and said to that person, “Wait a minute, why are we making this a big deal?”  The figure started to get blurry.  I heard the voice “Chip” and a lot of more words….Along the lines of, “Why did you go with Chip? I don’t like Chip or Chet?”  Who is Chet?


So there you go my dream.  Who is chip/chet?  The only person I know who is Chet was that guy that cheated with Elizabeth on BK . Strange dream.

If this dream is significant, then it could only mean that BK at this moment at this time is dreaming about me.  He is telling me he is insecure and doesn’t like the idea that I am learning something new.