Maybe I watch too much of the Kardashian’s. Haha. I just saw the last episode in Netflix. I guess I just have to wait till the next season is loaded into Netflix. But last night, I had a dream about Rob.  You must know that I am too old to be going teeny boppy over a celebrity.  I think Rob on the show is a nice kid.  I just saw the episode where he was drunk with Scott in Vegas.  I dont know.  Maybe that effected me with all of that drama before I went to sleep.

Such a strange dream because I kept asking him over and over again if he saw the images I have taken of him. I kept visualizing his face on photographs and his name beside it.

He looked at me and said “Not yet.”  But I continued to ask him again.

Maybe this dream just means, I may be taking photographs soon of someone important.  Maybe or maybe not.  We will see.

Kinda strange because I dont dream about celebrities a lot. But oh well…this was a better dream than yesterday night. Cause yesterday night was a Nightmare. So far so good. I like logging my dreams.