I received a letter from him last week.  The amazing thing is that I read the front page and the last page. Haha.  He was very negative.  I saw words like that I am the one negative.

I cannot read something that is all about resentment and hatred.  I dont know what I did to him to make him write all of those things.

The first part of the letter he tells me to not over exaggerate or misunderstand.  He starts mentioning things and excuses about him being the way he is. Mentioning that my beliefs were wrong.  At the end of the letter, he writes about scriptures. Then leaves the letter saying that he hopes to see me at the finish line.

What an amazing person right?  Im being sarcastic.  I didnt know what to think or say at the time reading it.  I can only feel that he mustve had hatred or anger towards me.

Well how do I know?  Well number one, you dont talk or write to someone those things unless you really want to CUT ties with them.  He told me that unconditional love is man made.  Wow…now for sure he is not a man I can live for the rest of my life with.  How can he say that unconditional love cannot be associated by God.  I dont understand that.  Man made?

He rebuttal about my words when I said he was programmed and limited to his bible.  I believe its true.

I guess in his shoes, I can see what he sees in me.  The strange thing about this scenario is that I have had dreams of him heading straight to jail too.  YET….he still thinks I am ridicules, work of the devil or just plain against God.  This is for my experience alone……I know for a fact that I am connecting to God.

How do I know?

I spent the last three years trying to figure out which is my ego, my communication with God, the manipulative negative entities and also ones that do not serve me any purpose.  I have learned to decipher the difference.

So if I am working for the devil or manipulated as what BK thinks I may be in this rut,  then what was the purpose for me to know the difference?  My sources is “me”.  Its natural for me to know who is a bad person and who is not.  Same for entities, they resonate good or bad.  I can feel it. Also for God communicating with me, thats personally for me. Everyone has their own way to talk to God.  I will not tell a person how.  Because an actual person can only decipher on their own.  Nobody can tell you.  You will have to figure it out. Trust deep within your heart.

I know that whatever I am doing my life is a lot better.

My advice is to listen to your heart and find God. Experience God. Love God. You will find out what really resonates for you.

BK is afraid of all of it.  ALL OF IT.