I am actually reviewing right now in my head about where I stand as a person.  For the past three years, I have been searching for the best way to look at life.  My life has shifted and because of this, people in my life have also shifted.  I am not the person I was in 2008.  People who I held me tight then could not handle the dramatic change in me in 2010.  Why is that?

In 2008 I remember being very spiritual, but I didnt know how to take those steps to understand what is happening to me and to the world.  I was just absorbing what I can to make sense of everything.  I even had dreams of being in places where I was told to make the effort to make myself better in regards to spirituality.  I had no idea where to begin, so I went to church and made discussions about the bible.  I even made the effort to decide about converting.  I was baptized Episcopalean, long story how that happened. Ill explain that another time.  Converting to what?  I wont mention just yet because that is not the subject of this blog.  I was trying to figure out what is happening to my world.

I asked the question why are there so many religions? Why do people alienate themselves according to religion? Why do people alienate themselves according to culture?

Well I was fortunate to have found something that taught me to look at the world without programs.  At least learn to look at it without ego and to use my heart to understand.

I remember in 2008, I use to cry about why I cannot find the TRUE love I am looking for.  Today in 2012, I can honestly say, I understand now what this means.  I have a lot of haters out there.  People telling me I am going to hell. Telling me that they will be at the finish line. Why do people do that?  Why do people go around telling others, “Ill be at the finish line. You dont read the Bible like I do, so hopefully youll make it to the finish line.”

This is insane.  You know why?  What kind of person are you to make others feel like you are better because you read the Bible?  This is exactly what Leonardo da Vinci was talking about.  People read the Bible as if it is some kind of merit if you can recite or remember each piece of scripture.  If you decipher the Bible, does this mean you are a better person? Will you most likely make it to heaven?

I also have heard people say to me, “We need to save the Buddhists because they need to know the true way to worship God.”  I reply, “What will happen if they don’t worship the way you do?”  They say things like, “Then they are doomed.  They will be lost.”   Okay try to be a person to analyze this scenario.  Does this make any sense to you?

Let’s say I am here right now having a conversation with Jesus over tea and talk about this.  Do you think this is acceptable? Do you think Jesus will say, “those Buddhists will be doomed.” ?

Personally, when we put ourselves in a place where we put ourselves superior over others, to me it is an act of being egotistic.  Do you think Jesus was egotistic?  You have people wanting so much to emulate Jesus, but yet they do it by alienating others from themselves by making these kinds of statements or beliefs.

If you believe you must be cruel to others, ask yourself if you have the right to say that?