I need to calm down.  Arghhhh!

Okay hopefully in a few hours I will get over it.  Yes it’s one of those things that make you CRINGE or get TICKED.  What do you do?  Find out why it ticks me off?

What is the trigger?

Well I guess it’s because Im suppose to get pass the triggers right?  If something is annoying me I should find out why.  Okay Im annoyed because certain individuals just make me feel like Im an alien.   Alien?  Maybe the feeling is….outsider? It’s ok.  I realized that maybe because I am an outsider.  I never really actually belong to this actual group.  The group makes me feel like an outsider.  I asked myself….why do I feel like an outsider?  Well I am suppose to be a staff member or part of a production team.  But honestly I never made it to the meetings, never go to their bonding moments and also talk about other things that makes me part of that comradery. So in honesty….I literally am not part of that group at all.

To solve this…I didnt need to do ThetaHealing.  I asked myself I have a choice.  The choice is do I want to be a part of the group? If I do, then I will have to attend the meetings and join the events.  But the other choice would be continue to be the outsider and just demote myself as a volunteer.

I chose the second choice.  I am a volunteer. Less pressure and less painful for the other members of that team.  I am volunteer. I can choose to continue and help or not.