The model that I have scouted, Vincent James, is now in the process of being signed with an agency in Amsterdam and Manila.  I just spoke to him this morning and he was telling me about his interview and they took a video profile of him.  Pretty good!  Excited for him.  When he returns, Im going set up acting classes.  I dont know if it is his forte, but it will help him to be a little more outgoing.

He is a very down to earth guy and that is a good thing.  Models should be down to earth. But when it is time to work, it’s expected to be able to get the work done.  Those are the best models to work with.  So when he returns, I will hope he takes acting classes.  I need for him to get out of his shell.  That is about it.

Im still trying to get him to meet a talent agency too that focuses on TV and commercials in Manila.  Somehow it’s difficult for him to get a hold of that person.

Okay here are some thoughts.  I dont want to mention a model’s name but he is from Sacramento and he is now doing fashion shows in Milan, Paris, New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.  His brother use to work with us and I was surprised when I saw his face.  Initials are VI.  He is a caucasian version of Victor James.  Haha I could not stop laughing.  Well…you know Vincent James has a long way to go.  Ill gather up some ideas as I move along with his new photo shoots.

I am also working on another photo shoot project with my friend’s daughter.  I been looking at Bambina Vogue and see if I can gather ideas for his daughter to do some photo shoots that relate to the images I found.  Im excited!

Well thats it for now.  Im transferring my algae eaters to my cichlid tank.  My goldfish tank is always clean because it has a good filter.  The filter with my cichlid tank is suppose to be the best but for some reason it still remains a little cloudy.  Just a tad cloudy.  Maybe because its brand new and the material used is just made for the first try.  Maybe Ill see if it will clear with the algae eaters.  Hopefully they like their new homes. I dont think the cichlids like their food anyway.  You see my goldfishes eat anything.  They will eat the algae eaters food. Then they have nothing to eat. The cichlids usually do not eat off the bottom of the tank. Im hoping it will work out.  As of now the algae eaters are in a plastic bag getting use to the temperature.  Waiting for the temp to change in their bag and make them get use to it.