I take manifestations very seriously.  I think it is natural for all people to manifest.  You dont need to be a psychic or millionaire to know how to do it.  In fact every single day you are manifesting something.


Even things that run in our head or subconscious mind is a manifestation.  A lot of people dont know that even though you say out loud you like a person, but deep down in many levels you actually dont?  It is possible.  Another example is that out loud you can say I no longer have issues with this person, but in actuality there may be something in a deeper level that still has some resentment.

These can turn into something.  It’s amazing how the world we live in works.  We have no idea what may manifest.  What will show up because we manifested.  Its like telling the Universe and it speaks back to you in some shape or form.


I feel sometimes hopeless when people start manifest things that is out of my control.  Because I know bad things can be avoided by the simple fact of just trying to not be so negative.  What can you do?  It’s like watching a person go in circles over and over again.  Then you have to say stop…it’s this way in this long long path.

I think Ive tried telling people but yet some dont understand.  They still continue that habit of believing that they have no control at all.  In a way it is true that we have no control but we can live in that flow.  Just imagine the Universe is a running river.  If you dont have the strength to paddle your way up the river, what do you do? Just follow the river.  When you follow the flow of the river, you dont say “Darnit, this sucks and this is all I can get”  It’s better to say…., “I wonder what wonderful things I will get to see.”

Try just for a week to watch what you say and do. Watch how you make negative words.  Try to reduce them because within a week, you will see a little difference.  Can you imagine if you did this for a month, three months, and a year?  A BIGGER DIFFERENCE.

Im not saying we can be perfect and start seeing ourselve becoming into SAINTS.  No Im saying the quality of life can be better if you reduce the negative words and thoughts.


I’ve come up with another formulation about style: that it’s essentially a manifestation of a certain habitual set of limitations. It’s what a composer does NOT do that defines a style.
James Tenney