What an interesting dream.

It felt like virtual reality.  I kept on going back to this room and put headphones on and watching like a TV screen or Film Screen. I heard a voice at the same time telling me what is happening.

The voice was very calming and gentle.  It had that addicting feeling of  loving to be at that Film screen. I remember my mother kept telling me to get away from there.  But at the same time she didnt mind me being there.  Odd right?  She was outside the windows telling me to stop and at the same time she liked it that I am there.

Okay right before my alarm rang….I heard a voice.  The voice was not my own and it was male but high.  More tenor like.  It said, “Return to the body.  Return to the body.”  After hearing that voice, in one second the alarm started.


I observed sleeping on my left side this time.  What an interesting dream.  Its not something I can ignore.  Could it be? Hmmm Thoughts are racing in my head and figuring out what is really going on. Wow….that was amazing.



Well to me this means that my mother was interfering with my life choices.  She wants me to manifest good things but at the same time she interferes.  The film or tv screen is my life.  Sitting there shows that I can do what I want with my life.  Choose to be bad or good.  Anything!  I can decide anything.  But I must have some kind of resentment about my mom interfering.  Or something surrounding with this issue.  I may have to dig into my thoughts to see what I come up with.