I did my usual meditations and also my ritual before I go to sleep at night.

My nightly checklist of things to do before I go to bed are important because it shields me or helps while I am asleep.  Or just being protected while I am in a deep deep slumber.

Without this checklist, I get dreams of strangers that I do not know that visit in my dreams. They show me their personality and show me things, places or whatever.  It happens and sometimes I wake up either terrified or just wondering “why?”.  I dont even know what to do with all of that information sometimes.

Someone told me to talk to that stranger in my dream.  Yet sometimes those strangers dont talk and they just show you things.

Well here is an experience that just happened a few minutes ago while I am meditating for my checklist.  I can tell the difference of things.  I can tell what is happening around me spiritually.

Just a few mins ago  I was meditating, suddenly i felt these chills.  I guess I am braver now.  I use to get freaked out but not anymore.  My eyes were closed and I knew something was present. Well I ignored it at first but as I felt the chills, suddenly I saw an image of a face  It wasnt a scarey face at all.  It was a young pretty woman on a plane.  She was about in her early twenties. She was off to visit her family.  Well at least that was what I saw with my eyes closed. A total stranger.  Asian woman.  Well..felt the chills…I then asked Creator to send her to Creator’s light.  As soon as that was done,  I felt that warm feeling again in my space.

I know she will be fine now.  Well…I needed to log that since I have seen strangers sometimes in my dreams or when I am in theta brain wave.  I think Im fine.