People ask what does being empathic mean?  Most people have this ability, but some are just oblivious that it exists.  Those who think they dont have this skill, think again.  The more you think you don’t have it, you are actually denying that you have that capability.  Honestly all humans were built to be able to feel one another empathetically.  Unless you chose to be cold, indifferent or without feeling, there is nothing we can do to change that.  You have the free will to ask or choose to get to know and feel others.  You have the free will to decide if you want to be loving, understanding and compassionate.  We were all built to feel people.  These are gifts that can be used to help others and also just understanding people.  Some people want to be acknowledged and just want to be heard.  Also this can be used to decipher people you know that needs help or a warning.

I had to delete or blank out some words as people online may do a search on me with a combination of words.  I dont want certain groups to find this blog on a search engine.  So you will get the gist of it as you read towards the end.




Hi ________,

Did you want to photo shoot on weekend?  It is actually best for me.
I want to let you know ________…I know how uncomfortable it must be at the event being the first (title).  Dont let it get to you being surrounded by all of those young girls.  Dont let it make you feel uncomfortable.  Please understand that you are a good person.  You are a great person to give your service to your community and be a part of the _______.  I respect you for it.  If you ever need to talk, you can always vent with me.
This industry ________, fashion and entertainment…you will meet many kinds of personalities.  Dont let the dark people make you feel unhappy.  Lets meet soon okay?
Good morning Grace:
The tears run down from my face just reading the words in your email. Yes, I am struggling being the oldest one in a _______. I am uncomfortable because I feel out of the league in this one generation younger beautiful women’s group. Even I don’t feel short experience wise but this is a __________ after all….
As much as I am feeling the pressure of being the First______ but it’s truly an honor to be part of this journey.
I am amaze how you see me thought like glass. Your kind words and encouragement had give me more the strength I need during this time. I can’t believe what on earth do I deserve to meet some wonderful person like you!
I am so surprise how wise you are to know me after you meet me just once.
Yes, Week-end works the best for me, too.
Before the photo shoot, I need some some good night sleep….I am a very light sleeper therefor my face is always tired looking.
Grace, you have no idea you had me at HELLO!!!!

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