It has begun.  I guess it’s been happening for a long time now, but I never had the chance to really understand.  I knew everyone is psychic.  This is embedded in everyone.  Some are a lot more skillful than others and some are hibernating denying that it is really there.

The whole psychic thing will be on it’s course.  I leave that aside for me.  What I am curious about is the phenomena of experiences that I have had in the last few months.  Im sure it happened even longer than that years years ago since I was a child.

There are times in many dreams where I am aware there is an entity to my right side or left side. I remember being next to an entity.

Sometimes I look at people in some dreams and I know there is an entity to their right side, but I cannot move my eyes to look straight at those entities.  It’s like knowing they are there, but there is no way for me to look straight at them.  I’ve asked a couple of friends of mine who go through similar experiences and they have validated that they have felt the same way too and tried to look at the entities straight into their faces, but they couldnt.  Maybe not meant to see them.  But how many of you share this experience?

2 thoughts on “ENTITIES TO THE RIGHT

  1. I have experienced what you’re talking about. It is very much like you said, like we have been programmed to not look at them. No matter how hard I try to look or address it, I can’t do it. It is so comforting to know that someone else has been through this.

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