Maybe I am triggered.  Not sure if I am.  Maybe a little bit I am triggered.  I guess if I am triggered, I need to look within myself and ask, “What I don’t like about that person, could I be doing this to people too?”  Well you know this is the trigger…..

I don’t think I go around asking people to look or scan into my house to look if there are spirits or ghosts.  Why?  Because I already know they are there. Hehe.   I use to just ignore.

I just realized the reason I get triggered.  It is because the person that is asking claims to be very gifted and psychic or at least learning to be.  I think I expect him to try his best to learn.  To try it first for himself and then if all fails, then ask me.  I guess I shouldn’t be like this.  But to learn is to try to do it for yourself.

But right now, I am trying to connect with the guide that stands to my left side in my dreams.  That is my only focus at this moment in time.    I sometimes forget the focus and then that entity just guides me in a dream or talks while I just listen.

But now I know why other Mediums find it not interesting to talk about this subject a lot.  I guess cause it can feel kinda draining and it can be repetitive.  Perhaps it’s like normal for them, yet they have to try to explain it. Some may just openly love talking about it.

I think the guides are just communicating with me with what my heart feels okay for me.  Maybe I will freak out if I heard the voice very loud.  Perhaps I need to really work on myself.

Maybe that is why I hear them talking when I am asleep. But see when I am asleep, a part of me cannot speak back.  I dont know why.  I can only hear or feel.  THe last time I heard the speaking was, “Let her sleep. She will learn.”


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