For me Friday is the end of my week.  It begins again Saturday with my weekly meetings with people who are like minded.  Sunday a day of getting together with family and relaxation.  Monday begins with household chores and a bit at a time everyday till Friday.

I have been sleeping really deep lately.  So deep, I cannot even hear my alarm anymore.  My alarm is very annoying.  It starts with this group of female voices saying, “GOOD MORNING!  Pow pow pow pow pow pow pow pow pow Good Morning!  What a wonderful day!”  It actually does this all the time.  The thing is I have it set to do this every 15 minutes.  I did this in the duration from 6am till 8am.  So that is about every 15 minutes….I didnt wake up to all of them until the last one.  When I woke up today, I jumped out and said, “OMG!  Im late!”  Yah…that is not good.  I had to drive to the north for a medical school association group.  Not mentioning the exact group name as I don’t want to be search engined by that group.

But yah I was told years ago, a child psychiatrist told me that I mustve had a trauma as a child in regards to time and waking up in the morning.  It’s true.  I actually laughed because when I was little, my mother would turn on the lights, wipe my face with a wash cloth and was very loud in the morning.  BOY what an unpleasant experience that was.  Now I need a lot of alarms to wake me up.  Waking up from alarms is actually not good for you.  Your body is suppose to know when its suppose to get up.  Seriously, consciously you will know when it is time to wake up.  For a person who has been traumatized and has this thing about time, I unnaturally have to use an alarm.

Colors I see during a healing. I see bluish and a rainbow.

***This was a long reading and a little personal, so I will log it privately in detail.


I got a reading from Amy. An Intuitive from Iowa.  What a pleasant woman she is.  She gave me a lot of valuable information.  I think what she has told me was on the dot as I have been all my life knowing that I am intuitive.  I just never paid attention until three years ago.  In my early years as a child, I encountered a lot of stuff.  It was frightening at the time for me.  My family were open to psychic and mediums BUT not open for immediate family members.  We had elders that were friends of the family that we go to for healings.  BUT never have they accepted someone that is younger would have the same or similar capabilities.  That is the thing about my family…it was just not open for anyone else. It was only for certain WISE elders.

I would encounter “the knowing” but when I shared, I would just be looked at and then be discredited by family/friends ignoring me. Not taking me seriously.

Well Im older now.  I decided, I need to make sense of it because I want to.  I think this became very obvious in 2001.  From that moment on, I have been doing trial and errors on where and what to do first to make some sort of understanding.  A little at a time, I was given ways and opportunities to learn.  I will discuss that in another blog entry of my timeline.  Just to see how far Ive came.


She mentioned about marriage.  A son and daughter.  Well…She says she sees me with a guy someday. Haha.  Great right?  I say that I havent thought of marriage because I feel that right now I am not ready because I recall a lot of life lessons about relationships and I now know a lot of truth to it.  For example….I know that if you are in a unhappy state at this time and you dont really fully love yourself, you will connect with a person who will show you this about you.  You can attract two kinds of people.  1) the wrong person who is exactly like you when you are not quite happy with you life 2) someone who is happy with their life

Now if you are not happy with your life or love yourself, your relationship “MIGHT” not work out.  Because if you went with person number 1 and you are not happy with yourself, all you will get is a person who is also insecure too.  That person will have certain issues that you do not have control of and they may not even see how much you care for them.  They will just not see that.  Many other things come along with a person who is this way.

The second person will not understand you if you do not love yourself.  This person will be very optimistic and love you anyway for who you are.  Yet, you continue to be a downer and you dont recognize that this person loves you anyway.  You will pass up the opportunity to recognize what love is. Or see that this person loves you.  In the end this person can get exhausted.  This is a very unpleasant for the 2nd person.

This is why loving yourself is important before starting any kind of relationship.  Relationships, you feed off eachother and also reflect and compliment eachother.  Trust that because of your nature, you will find a like minded person too.  THIS IS MY GOAL actually.  To not try so hard and just see the Universe do it’s thing.  A person who is LIKE MINDED will soon enough appear.  BUT see at this moment in time…I cannot see myself with a person in my same position. I need to learn to do may things for myself before I can commit to another.

If you want to comment and read her blog, you can find her at:

She is a very kind woman and very insightful.  She is amazing!

***This was a long reading and a little personal, so I will log it privately in detail.


I enjoy going to these meetups.  People are nice and like minded.  They always seem to make me feel validated and to feel not alone.  It makes me happy.

Well since this day is my weeks end, I want to collect some things of what I learned this week.


The Metaphysical meetup, I learned how to call upon a crystal stone. I didnt know that you can do that.  Imagine if you wanted an amethyst stone but you cannot afford it and you need it right now for a healing issue.  You can summon it through meditation. Well I did that last Wednesday and called upon the spirit of the crystal, Schalenblende, and without having it in your hands or in the room.  Everyone meditated and gave their feedback after summoning it.  Some people felt or saw earth toned colors, some people saw colors and for me I felt my root chakra tapping. Dont know how to describe it…its like a constant speeding of tapping in my root chakra.  At least that was how I felt it.  So YES that was quite interesting.  One of these days I will need to try that out again.   VERY COOL!


Schalenblende is a closely-compacted variety of Sphalerite, often found with Galena and Jasper stratifications.

The ‘stone of peace’ brings understanding and communications between those who would not normally communicate, and can be used to stimulate encounters with those of ones choice.

Schalenblende was considered to be a sacred stone in the Celtic tradition, providing protection during travel (physical or astral)

It offers immense protection, and is a strong grounding stone.

In healing, it has been used in the treatment of AIDS, and to improve deficiencies in the immune system.

Some web sites say they are for the SOLAR PLEXIS CHAKRA and most web sites say it is the ROOT CHAKRA



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