My cousin, Amanda, lived for many many years in Switzerland in the French, German & Italian language district which is very close to Italy.  I was amazed that she could speak all those languages.  Just imagine a Filipino woman walking down San Francisco beside you and she would speak to all the merchants in China Town in all of these languages.  I saw her speak fluent French and my mouth dropped as I saw how versed she was.  But she was so excited to have found these ALABASTER EGGS from Italy.

She handed them to my mother and told her, “Take these. They give these as gifts back where I live.  They are good for you to have.”  Of course she told my Mom this in Ilocano, our native language back in the Philippines.

When we got home, my mother placed it in our living room where hardly nobody sits at.  The only time we are in the living room is when we have visitors.

As I got interested in crystals, I walked all around the house to see if we had any sculptures, or stones that my Mom had collected.

My Mom collected frogs and a few of them were carved out of the crystal JADE.  There were also a few buddhist monk sculptures made of Hemotite and another in Hematite.  Then I came across these EGGS.  I picked it up and thought to myself, what the heck is this?  I carried it to my computer and did a search.  Finally I found “ALABASTER EGGS”  from Italy. So I went to my mother and asked her if she mind if I took them into my bedroom. My Mom told me I could have them.

So I asked Creator to cleanse and clear any residual energy that do not belong with the crystal. I asked to remove any trauma and replace it with Creator’s unconditional love. I asked to return the crystal back to it’s original properties. The first time it stayed in my bedroom beside my bed, I dreamed about a person that had resentment towards. When I woke up right away I dealt with the block. (What is a block? that will have to be explained in another blog entry because it’s long.) Every night I dreamed of people that I had issues or resentment towards them. I did the same thing, woke up and asked Creator to remove these blocks.

I think it is a great tool to have if you want to face all of your blocks and move along to get better as a human. I havent used the Alabaster eggs for months now, but tonight I decided to take one of those eggs beside my bed. I got some very vivid dreams regarding issues of my resentment towards people. I think I will keep on sleeping with these Alabaster Eggs. It really forces me to head on deal with these ill sake “issues”.


Stimulates meditation helping to unlock the secrets of the days when the pyramids where being built. Promotes forgiveness assisting the user to maintain maturity and composure duing stressful times. Allows for the user to recognize that the heavenly state is available to them all they need is to choose to walk in it.

By placing other stones on the Alabaster you can help energize them. It can help you “unlock” the mysteries of the pyramids while meditating. It can help with forgiveness. It can enhance the skills of those who are in service to mankind. It helps bring maturity and composure in times of stress. Helps diminish anger during times of dealing with dis-ease.

Heart and Crown


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