MEDIUM – 04.02.2012

Random thoughts that I found interesting. Trying to learn and understand.  I am very skillful with my dreams.  I am not so afraid of my dreams and I log them.  Since the dreaming has been very successful for me writing it down.  Let’s see if I do the same when I see strangers pop up randomly in my thoughts.  Maybe I will make sense out of it.



I was just thinking about my day. Then suddenly I got an image of a bedroom.  I can see the details of the comforter, the blanket, then I was being pulled to go towards the window and look into the side table of the bed to it’s left or looking at the bed it would be to my right.  I was being pushed to look and open that table drawer.  I looked at the bed.  The face was not clear, the body was sitting there.  A presence.  I walked to the side table and opened it, there were special documents.  I told the body figure, Im sorry, I cannot help you at this time.  I am not as versed as you want me to be.  I dont know what to do for you.  The thoughts dissolved.



An image of  woman popped up. Fidgeting her hands. Dressed in a plain light blue tshirt, jeans and not manicured finger nails.  Dark brown middle length hair, and she loved the Disney character, Snow White.  I was just describing her in my thoughts and I said, “Sorry, I dont know what to do with this information about Snow White.”  Then it stopped.

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