I went online to find some sort of a list surrounding the beliefs of Smokers. I found a web site with a list and its pretty good. I will be trying it soon with one of my friends and my brother. Maybe it will help them ease away or quit. I will be back for a followup blog to see their progress.


This has always been one of the requests I get when someone says they want a healing.  They want to change their beliefs about smoking.  Im glad I found this web site.  It gives me a starting point to begin with before I go into DIGGING.  So these are great.




After creating this post, I finally tried it this evening with my brother.  It is a long session going down the list of beliefs, but I think it will be worth it.  I will be trying it on one of my best friends, PDBT.   I will make followups in my blog to log their progress.  SO EXCITED!


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