How shall I describe this experience?

Well lets start from the beginning.  I never expected anything prior to this MeetUp.  I came not knowing anything about drumming circles or Shamanic Journeys.  I came thinking that I will just meet like minded people and also maybe possibly learn something new.

I walked into this library meeting room and chairs were lined up in a circle.  People sat down and claimed their spot on their soft green chair.  As soon as I sat down, the organizer started checking my name on her roster and SS sitting to my right side.  There were actually no seats left in this room, so I sat right beside the organizer.

While she was talking and explaining what will be happening this evening, I could honestly feel her energy.  I was not sure at first if it was my “guide” telling me something or it was her, “the organizer”.  I am not disclosing names because I dont want a search engine logging for private reasons.  But she was very strong.  A part of me felt like she was a magnet or repelling energy.  I wasn’t quite sure what it was because it kept changing to repelling and magnetic back and forth.

She then said we will start with a guided meditation to open us up.  I said to myself, “Cool.  I can do that!”  So it felt familiar to meditate and I love doing that. I meditate everyday and I figured, “Yay….I can do this!”


She guided us and I found myself in the beach that reminded me of Hanauma Bay in Hawaii.  I felt the sand under my feet in the water. Sitting on a rock in the water.  I picked up fruit and ate it.  It was mango.  I also saw the hand of the Tarsier telling to get the fruit.  Yes that was cool though!  Tarsiers are super cute.

So that exercise was to open us up.


As soon as we did a little bit of exchanging of experiences with the meditation, she started to now introduce the Drumming Circle. She talked about may happen or the beating of the drum and how to return.  Just something that we can all understand the beating and etc etc. But something interesting happened.  While she was talking about drumming, something inside of me pushed me.  It felt like my guide was saying, “Pay attention.”   It’s not that I was daydreaming, but I LITERALLY felt my spirit guide say, “Pay attention to this.”  I started feeling this energy inside me getting excited.  I wasnt even sure what I was excited about because Drumming circle is not something I am familiar with.  There was this energy deep inside of me that was VERY VERY EXCITED.


We were told to ask the question of what we wanted to know.   My question before this trip was, “Who am I?  Where did I come from?”

As soon as the drumming began, I saw the arm of my spirit guide drawing something on a stone wall.  It was a drawing of a stick figure.  It was like those drawings that I use to draw when I was child.  A circle for the head.  A line down for the body and it made an upside down “V” for legs and stick liked arms.  The drum was beating and that drawing started to do jumping jacks, then it started to run.  I got so excited I figured, “Ok I gotta follow it.”  I followed the cartoon like stick figure and it moved across this long stoned wall.  I followed it and then it went around the wall.  I followed it and behind this wall I saw a FALCON.  It was beautiful sitting on a podium.  I went close to it and touched it.  As soon as I touched it, I flew into the sky.  The sky was dark and electrical blue…..it was night time.   I saw the stars, the moon and the cool breeze.  Then as I looked below I came to an island.  It was still night and right below me was an area near a beach and I saw an old man sitting by a campfire.  I landed just a few feet from this campfire.  I stood there observing.  His face was changing.  He had many different faces people different people.  He started to sing.  I heard chanting and humming.  I was surprise because I was aware of the drumming and seeing him singing…humming…chanting.  Then when the faces stopped changing, he stopped and he was an old native american looking man with the head of a lion that he used to cover his head.  As I saw this, I asked, “Who are you?”  But there was no time.  I felt an arm pull me into the sky.  I looked at who was pulling me.  It was a being that was very iridescent in it’s skin.  This entity glowed and this being pulled me into the sky.  It was a beautiful being where I could not see it’s face….but this entity glowed.  It took me to a place and this time it was sunset.  I was taken into a garden.  Everything was glowing.  I could see the essence of all the plants, trees and grass.  Everything here was vibrant and iridescent.  I was amazed.  Then the being took me back to the night part of the sky and I was told I was returning back into the place where I just came.  I stood there in the night area near the stone wall.  Suddenly a wolf emerged from the dark and it walked over behind the wall.  From here I followed it.  Then I saw the light.  I went into it and came and return back into my body……then grounded myself…..and then opened my eyes.


It was my first drumming circle.  I am so amazed.  The part that really stood out the most in this trip is the SOUND of the humming, singing and chanting.  THIS IS THE MOST PROFOUND!  I definitely need to go to more drumming circles.  I really really enjoyed it.



Before the journey she asked the question, “What can I do to make a significance to the world?”

She said that she met her guides but they came to her as a CONDOR and her PET GECKO named Steve.  She said they took her to this place that looked like a city.  The sky turned white and the buildings looked like mirrors.  She looked into one of these mirror like skyscrapers and saw paper but she couldnt make out what it meant. She asked, “Please show me in a way that I can understand.”  Then she said she entered the mirrored building and found that the paper on the table had writings on it.  She saw the word, “HEALING.”

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