I went to a meetup last Saturday and it was about Mediumship.  There was a big group of people at this event and I was surprise that so many people were interested in the subject.

Because we told the organizer that we were leaving early, she decided that she will put us on the spot and make us do a demonstration.  I was taken to the front with my friend and we stood there in front of everyone to do a reading on eachother.  We were told to hold hands and I was expecting to be read instead.  BUT it so happens that the organizer told me to read my friend.


I got an adolescent energy and it felt like a female.  It saw a young girl with long flowing dark brunette hair.  I could not make out the clothing.  I could not make out the details on the face.  I felt her caressing him.  I told him everything I saw and I blurted out loud, “It is your daughter.”

He told me, it is not my daughter.

Then I looked again and saw there were twins.  Female and male and there was a cord connected between them.  They were also caressing him told me to tell him that everything is going to be okay.   Whatever it is he is going through, he will be okay.  I then saw an image of a red tricycle and the vision of my friend bumping into walls and falling off.


My friend told everyone that I was wrong when I picked up his daughter.  He did verify that he did have a tricycle that was red and that he was being scolded for bumping into walls.


When we left the event, my friend told me that I was right on the dot when he was actually wanting to connect with his daughter in the first place.   He said when he heard me say his daughter, he freaked out because he was afraid of being emotional in front of this public group of people.  He then said he decided to call on his brother and sister that passed instead.


I guess doing mediumship is similar to readings.  At least this is what I got from this event.  I was sort of having a hard time because I was not quite sure what I was doing.  In time, I want to be able to understand how this is.

I had this conversation with my friend and I came to the conclusion that I have blocked myself to talk to strangers who are spirits/ghosts.  BUT I do the mediumship talking to my Grandparents, Aunt, Uncles and a few friends that had passed.  I do see sometimes strangers but it takes a LARGE big effort to really communicate with them.

There is something going on within me.


Do you want to learn more?

I randomly was looking for images to add to this post and found this PDF file.



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