This was an excellent kdrama show.  There are 20 episodes and I enjoyed every minute of it.  Now that I had just finished it, I would like to write a personal review about it.  Also I revisited memories that triggered or fired up in my head as I watch through this show.


I think it was a great show.  The Chef, who is one of the main characters of the show, reminded me of my pet fish, Ringo, a red blood parrot cichlid.  Ringo has a puffed out personality and thinks he dominates the entire fish tank.  He is a funny fellow.  I love him a lot even though he scares all the fishes in the tank.  It’s just so cute to see such a tiny little thing with such a big personality.

Every episode had a great story.  I was always entertained all the time.


Maybe it’s a cultural thing.  I definitely would have written the ending a whole lot better.  Don’t want to write a SPOILER and tell you what happens at the end.  All I can say is that, I bet I can write a better ending.


The elements in this show brought a lot of great memories that I hold dear to my heart.  It’s ironic that this story is about a famous Italian restaurant in Korea.   Two people who made a big change in my life kept popping up in my mind as I went through every episode.  At the end of the episode, I was beginning to see how much I really loved these people in my past.  Even though they are no longer in my life anymore, I will sure love them always.  I am truly grateful for all the lessons I have learned from these two individuals.  What a blessing to have finally learned.

I learned BRAVERY, PASSION, EMPATHY and HONESTY.  I have also discovered the possibilities of the person I can be.  Also I’ve learned from these individuals to love myself.  Through these two people, I saw God within them.  The goodness and the living voice that resonates with them.  I saw exactly what I was being told.  No matter how the message came through, negative or positive, I heard if LOUD and CLEAR.

I can sit here right now and find relief within me that I was very lucky to have them in my life at the time.

They have both colored my life with lots of joy and happiness.  I wish them the best and that they are now at this moment and time with lots of grace, abundance and prosperity.  Blessings to CS and MDF.

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