I guess I met a few people who are like me.  They are Catholics and also opened themselves to Spirituality.  We basically came from the same background.

I asked them how do they cope with the fact that they can sit on the fence and embrace both sides.

I told them that I still do the things I do with my family like Christmas, Easter…and etc etc.  I look at my religion now culturally.  Because of my new found information about the sign of the cross…….it was beginning to become a heated discussion.

There were demonstrations of people who did the sign of the cross and showed that it made you weaker when you did it.  Your aura/life force becomes weaker.  When I first learned about this a year ago or two…I began to think about what will happen if i do it constantly.  Going church was getting difficult as I started to notice sicknesses of sore throats and sniffles.

God is my witness…..I NEVER GET SICK!  When I discovered as I go to church, I was getting sniffles and also sore throats.  When I stopped doing the sign of the cross, I never got sick. NEVER!

So last night, the ones I thought were like me….they became defensive and told me things that had no validity at all.

A woman said to me, that the Celtics did it because it drew in the aura.  I asked myself within my heart….and I am still not convinced.  Where does it say that the Celtics did that because it drew in their energy and aura?  Show me.  Because my source is myself.  The experiment was on myself.  I am no longer become sick.

If a priest is able to do the sign of a cross on a person who is possessed during an exorcism….it was to weaken the entity and draw out the spirit.  Then how about your own spirit?  The spirit that belongs in your body.  So it weakens another spirit……then how about your own?  It will of course do the same.  No matter what.

Someone challenge me……and tell me I am wrong.  Show me why I am wrong.  For saying….”I heard…..I was told.”  Does not convince me.  Win me over…..I want to be wrong.  Tell me…show me proof it will not make my aura weaker.  Because by proof…..I have already done it on myself.  I saw and felt by experience….and I get weaker.  When I stopped doing the sign of the cross., I havent been MAJORLY sick for three and a half years.


I went to the Greek Orthodox Catholic Church and found their version of Jesus.  Well it could explain why the word ENOS really means The weak one.  They were referring to the Aramaic translation:

In the New Testament the enigmatic figure mentioned by Daniel is almost always identified with Jesus. As one can glean from the philological analysis below, the Aramaic phrase bar ‘ěnoš may connote more than a mere human being. It may define a human being in its defining characteristics vis-à-vis God, namely, weakness and mortality. Thus I would suggest rendering the phrase bar ‘ěnoš as “son of weakness” or “the weak one.”

Now I still have issues with the Bible that Catholics and Christians use.  The Bible….have you ever asked yourselves where did it come from?  Okay how about asking the question….Where did it come from before the Jews?  Trace it back before Abraham.  Where did Abraham come from?  He is from the land of Ur.  Where is Ur?  In Sumeria…..and where is Sumeria?  It is located miles away north of Babylon.

All of this REGIONALISTIC views.  It’s making me sick.  Religions…my land is not your land.  I am completely SICK OF IT!

As a person who spent lots of hours digging and researching my own history within my own ETHNIC BACKGROUND……..Filipinos did not come from the dirt and then existed.  I digged back far back back back all the way to Malaysia/Indonesia.  How about farther back?

So if you look at the Bible with this type of researcher and perspective……..where did Abraham come from?  Why is it that his stories are similar to the stories in Sumeria?

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