I been doing downloads into my friend and by chance I add myself too.  I guess a part of me is kind of uneasy because I havent gone through the downloads and check to see if I am triggered or blocked.

But just now I asked a different friend of mine if I could speak to her mother’s higher self since she was in the hospital.   Her mother is sleeping most of the time right now and is on a breathing tube.  I tried it and her mother was at first confused that I asked her if I could work in her space.  She was at first not responding.  After asking the same question the fourth time, it responded.  But as it said yes….I could feel the fast pulse.

I stopped because I needed to get ready for bed now.  Maybe later this evening before I sleep. I will try to connect.



I didnt go to sleep right away.  I did it again and tuned into her mother’s higher self.  She said yes to a healing all ailments.  After Creator worked on her, I felt myself grasping for air.  I coughed a bit too.  I can feel her as the person without the tubes.  Grasping for air……..Then right after I asked her higher self is she gives me permission to ask Creator to remove infection from her chest and lungs.  Her higher self said, “NO”.   I had to end it there.  I just closed up the healings with sending Creator’s Unconditional Love.

I told her daughter and she was terrified that her mother’s higher self said No.  I told her that I will try again the next day.  Hopefully her mother will accept the healings this time.

2 thoughts on “MY HEAD

    • Yes I was reading into my friend’s mother who was in the hospital. I felt her high blood pressure. Her pulse was fast. I didnt go to sleep right away. I ended up tuning into her again. She was a stubborn woman that didnt want to be healed. The moment her higher self said yes for a healing, I asked Creator of All That Is to heal her. I also asked her higher self about removing the infection from her lungs. Her higher self said NO. So I had to end it there. I told her daughter the truth that I cant go any further. I asked to send her Unconditional Love. I guess you would call this energy healing?

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