I would have to try to remember, but I can only get parts since I woke up abruptly and this made it difficult to remember every detail.  

I remember running through a place that had lots of buses.  I was looking for a specific number but I wasnt even sure what I was looking for.  I look behind me and saw my cousin, Michelle.  She was waiting for a bus too.  I went up to her and asked her where she was going. This dream shifted.

So the next part of my dream that I remember is being part of a team.  I saw myself working with a team.  I felt like I was the runt of the group.  I was helping and I told my boss or superior a suggestion because he was overwhelmed.  I told him, “Why don’t you get an assistant?”  He looked at me and said, “Yes thats a good idea.”  Then the person standing beside me told him, “Why don’t you hire us to be your assistant?  We can do the job.”  Then he said, “No I dont think so.”

I can only feel what happened in this last part of my dream.  It felt like he was planning something.  The boss or superior in this dream was planning an event.  It was an outdoor event.  It felt like something to do with rockets or stars. 

I also remember a part in my dream where I called someone on the phone.  At the same time I was hearing myself leave a message, I telepathically could hear the person who didnt pick up the phone.  He said he couldnt understand how to work it.  The person was my friend Rudy.



As I was laying in my bed taking this nap.  I heard tones all over me.  To my left I hear a female tone.  To my right a low tone very bass low and above me a high tone for a man like a tenor.  I could mostly hear the left tone female.  It was like music but at the same time humming.  Very much like music that is not heard anywhere.  As I laid there in bed in my relaxed state, I asked to let me  hear them.   The one to my left reminded me of like CHARLIE BROWN when they spoke to their grown ups.  Like that strange sound that does not make out words.  I heard it to my left.  It’s as if perhaps my spirit guide does not speak my language, but we perfectly speak telepathically with eachother.  

I briefly heard my right side but he didnt say an english word.  Sounded more like he just wanted me to just hear he was there.  No english words.  I have a feeling my spirit guides speak to me telepathically because it is not english.  NO WONDER I am a feeling person.

Well it’s amazing and magical.  What a blessing to have that openess today.


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