I have not extended my education on World Relations in ThetaHealing yet.  I have this belief when I muscle tested myself.  I still cant believe it.  I muscle tested myself back in 2010 and my body swayed forward to the belief,


Why?  Why does my body sway to “YES” when I do this muscle test?


I’ve had a dream about months later muscle testing to this belief and I remember an ex boyfriend walking me over into a Roman Coliseum.  I remember standing right in the middle and feeling my heart sunk to my stomach.  I felt queasy and nervous in this dream.  I wanted to leave.

This was a very vivid dream and also it brought questions to my mind why my ex boyfriend and I were unable to have a fruitful relationship.  He is Italian and of course he has a background with Romans.  Living in this physical world today, I remember this relationship the most.  It was such an ideal relationship and very strong.  There was a lot of encouragement and everything fit perfectly between our lives.  But there were a lot of things that happened that were unexplained and there were a lot of unfortunate events that didn’t allow us to be together.  Travelling and plans for the future just did not follow through.  I wondered about it.  Years later after our break up, I started learning ThetaHealing.  In our Basic class we learned a brief overview of World Relations.  I found the belief, “I HATE ROMANS.”  Wow I said to myself.  How is this possible?


How odd it was to have found this back in 2010.  I did a little bit of research on Druids or the Celtic family.  I was curious because I have been told that my let Spirit Guide was a Druid named Meredith, Protector of the Sea which is of Old Welsh beliefs.  At first I thought it was strange to have an Old Welsh tradition that has ties to one of their beliefs.  How in the world is a Filipino woman related to an Old Welsh tradition?  I thought maybe the person who read me was joking or was pushing her own beliefs on me.  She was an old woman of Chinese descent.  She came from Hong Kong and I had to think about if she knew what a Druid is.  She was not one to think of Druid stories at all.  She described my spirit guide with a crested moon on a stick.  Since 2010, I have always been speculating if this is true.  

Now that it is 2012, I must surrender to the thoughts now of the possibilities.

What did I dream about?

  • Seaweed – Irish Seaweed
  • I saw myself in a mirror with red hair and looked at my clothes. I was getting ready to get married.
  • The water, sea and ocean are the most important to me
  • The language of the Druids talking about magic is the way I perceive my daily life
Ever since I have started to accept that there is a connection somewhere.  My spirit guide is always showing me hints and also protecting me.  I remember being told to tell my father to replant a tree because he cut down a large tree in our front yard.  I now accept the possibilities.  


The Old Welsh resonated me.  Due to Meredith the Protector of the Sea (Spirit Guide).  Lots of research and it was at first weird to approach it, but more and more everyday I am getting messages intuitively that this is real for me.  Just a few days ago, I dreamed of seaweed.  By coincidence my friend Rudy showed me a Celtic song about Seaweed.  Also I have been given a heads up about it all the time.  I need to eat more of it or read more about it.  As I flipped through photos and photos online to look for that particular seaweed, I found one and it was an Irish Seaweed that kept on showing up in my dreams.

I did research and found that some Druids were killed by the Romans.  Some Druids were also slaves as well with the Romans.  I have no idea if I was a slave or even a Gladiator.  There were a lot of possibilities.

Vianna Stibal, Founder of ThetaHealing says that it is more important that we live in the NOW.  It was just interesting for a while to look back.  But I truly think that even though you dont dissect your past life, you just have the knowing deep down.  It will come to surface anyway.  No matter what….you will remember.  Don’t spend a lot of time on it, but be open of possibilities of remembering out of the blue.   It will happen anyway…flashes, dreams and memories will just surface.  It will happen if you are open to it.  So I do agree with Vianna Stibal….we do need to live in the NOW.   Just let things flow.


It is now 2012 and I still haven’t asked Creator to release the belief.  Even standing here right now typing this post, you ask…, “Why not just do it?”  You see I am holding onto it tight. I had just asked my friend Derek if I should.  Still I haven’t done it.  I am contemplating.  Ill do a follow up when it is completed.  I am here right now.  Let’s see how long it will take for me to do it.  I can tell you at this TIME…..I feel nervous just thinking about it.



I tried clearing the belief.  I have to say that took a long time to clear.  It wasn’t literally one hour.  It took a long time of at least five minutes. There is a tiny tiny dull pain right top side of my head. At first it felt like a scratching of a fine tooth comb.  But I smelled a hint of flowers when it was done.  Also this uncomfortable feeling like heat.  I also felt it in my back where my heart chakra released something.  We will see.  Usually they say REM sleep helps to process these new beliefs.  It was replaced with, “”I love my fellow man.”  Well…. when I wake up tomorrow, I will try to muscle test. Right now it is late at night.  I will make follow ups.



My hearing is a lot more sensitive.  Im hearing vibrations and all sorts.  I just went into the garage and heard another vibration.  I wonder if this is related to it at all.


FOLLOW UP 04.20.2012 – 5:41PM

Earlier this morning I was feeling queasy and uncomfortable.  I felt very uneasy.  I did a muscle test just now and it seems I am wobbling to the front.  That means the belief has not been cleared yet.


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