I was doing some beliefs today on myself.  I asked Creator to change a lot of beliefs.  I have been putting it off since 2010 and it was time to finally get going.  If I really want to be as good as a ThetaHealing Master, I should start move forward .  


I guess there was a fear in me about sharing this modality with people.  I guess I was unsure of myself before.  But Ive been doing it a lot on friends and family a lot lately and it is now automatic for me.  Plus the entire year of 2011, I felt that I was in my comfort zone.  It is time to move forward. I mostly worked on my beliefs about my view about Creator.  Worthiness of being a Healer and Creator’s Unconditional Love.  I went through a whole page.  Even though I went through the entire page, I think I will start dissecting it tomorrow in different perspectives.


I remember the days when I asked Creator to change my first three months of beliefs after Basic ThetaHealing class.  I was actually uneasy and miracles happened.  I remember those miracles.  The changes of the people around me.  My life shifted and therefore, others around me shifted too.   There were some people in my life that were not good for me have finally moved on with their own paradigm.  I went on with my own.  


It is true about the vibrations.  If you increase your vibration, people who resonate in a lower vibration will either follow you and change or move on in a different direction in their lives.    I have seen that happen where people left.  I read my old blogs back in 2006 and till 2010. I am amazed how negative I was.  I was very much angry with the world and myself.  I can easily read and feel the words.  (My blogs in 2006 – 2009 are password or private protected).  


I guess my blog web site has slightly changed.  I am making a THetaHealing web site and moved my blogs to a different location on the page.  I think I made the right choice in doing this.  Hopefully one day I will start learning the Intuitive Anatomy, World Relations and DNA 3.   One day….this will happen.


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