It was from a nap just now. I dont remember everything just this last part.

I remember being at a party.  Then the dream shifted when these girls followed me home and invited themselves to sleep over.  It felt like I knew these girls but not like best friends.  It felt like they were just the popular girls and they just decided to hang out at my place.  I ignored them.

I had no privacy.  When I went into the bathroom there was a hole in the wall.  I got so annoyed I put a tissue paper into the hole to block them from looking.  Then the door opened in the bathroom and I yelled at them telling them how annoying they were.  I even yelled at them throughout the whole house to get away and leave.   They were on their way out of the front door.  Told them they were not welcome.  



This definitely was not a dream from another entity.  This is a symbolic dream about me.  I sometimes feel that ghosts, spirits or entities are in my space an I find it rude that they are around sometimes. Or the house is my body, my home.  I do not like spirits being in my space.  The girls might not represent spirits, it could represent other things too like parasites, sicknesses and more.  I just dont like things like that in my space, or in my body.


I remember the first three months after my first BASIC THETAHEALING class.   I had dreams similar to this and also hearing morning chatter, WHO ARE YOU?  Now I know the answer to the WHO ARE YOU?  It can be energetically, spirit, entities, parasites or bacteria that I am picking up on.  “IT” is not getting use to the healings that I been working on with Creator yesterday.  So anything that I energetically held on tight within myself whatever is use to living within me, are now figuring out it’s place within me.  

Popular girls represent the superficial part.  I have been working on the beliefs of Creator.    To name a few…..I asked Creator for the download,

  • “I am worthy/deserving/ good enough to be connected to the Creator of All That Is.”
  • “I know what it feels like/how to receive and accept uncondintional love from the Creator”

It seems that I went through these beliefs before formerly with my instructors, but I went through pamphlets of things I collected in my “brain candy” stack and found another set of beliefs to try out.  This dream validated to me that I have a lot of work to do.  I want the belief work I did to stick in me.  I will work on my beliefs again today and make sure it follows through.  THIS IS AMAZING!  I am remembering these things happening way back then.  It means I am on the right path and I am on the right track!


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