You say you want to end our friendship, and I say okay that is fine with me.  Even though you made that decision, I am here still your friend.  You’ve done no wrong to me and I don’t feel any ill feelings towards you.

I’ll ask Creator of All That Is to send you Unconditional love even though you feel that:

  • what I tell you bothers you and triggers you.
  • that the dreams I received became a prophesy to your unfortunate event.
  • that when I told you my dreams, it triggered you and you’ve decided to end our friendship.
  • that you expected me to cling onto you and I refuse because that is not the person I am.
  • that you expected me to stop being enthusiastic with my life and focus more on you
  • that I prefer a partner that is enthusiastic with his life and reciprocate the same enthusiasm with his life experiences
  • YES I know, you believe God does not know unconditional love. You told me that
  • that I am a different person now. My life has shifted.

BK – I never hated you. I never stopped caring.  But I hope someday you will find a middle grown within you to accept my beliefs and the person that I am.

You say I am negative, but that is a matter of your perspective.  What I say is your trigger.  Whatever I tell you, I tried to help you.  But this is beyond your understanding because you think I am attacking you or hurting you.  When I tell you things, it is not to make you hate me.  I’ve learned that no matter what, there is nothing I can do with your triggers if you cannot see pass that I am really sincerely trying to help you.  Instead you think I am hurting you.  I can only walk away and hope that you will open your heart to understand where I am coming from.

I remember the first time I met you.  You knew my triggers.  You even told me that I am running in circles with them.  Amazing that now you are the one with the triggers and you wont let me help you.  Instead you think I am being negative and hurting you.  There is nothing I can do.  I am hopeless to helping you now since you have decided in your FREE WILL to remove me as your friend.  It’s okay.  I dont have to be YOUR friend.  But YOU will still be my friend.

You say that you serve God and that I serve the World.  Because I serve the world you say I am not a good person.  You say because I serve the world you consider that as selfish.  No, on the contrary!  In fact, serving the world is serving God.  I believe I have compassion for every living creature on this Earth.  No matter who they are, rich or poor, strong and weak, good and bad……I believe we are all ONE.  One with the Creator of All That Is.  I see God in every person, living creature  and all on this Earth.

You say you’ve opened your blinders, but yet you call tribes, Buddhists, Muslims and other religions to remind and teach them to change their ways to fit into your paradigm of Christianity.  You tell me to tell them the truth about God and that they need to be saved if they don’t follow the New Testament in the Bible.  You say they are all going to hell.

I hope someday you will understand my heart.  I want you to know that I see God in you, even though you have these judgments, hatred and prejudice with the world.

In Creator’s Light and Blessings,



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