I am so amazed.

I woke up and rushed to the bathroom. Morning ritual. It happened so quickly and I noticed I heard this sound. Sounded like music, voices and high vibrations at the same time.  I thought someone was watching Television or Listening to the radio.  I walked out of my bathroom and the sound would slightly get faint. I walked back into the bathroom that is enclosed and echoed…..the sound would get louder.  I walked around the house to find that sound, it was not anything electronic.  The house was in TOTAL SILENCE.

Years ago when I did intense Aura cleansing and did this for a month, I use to hear humming, a buzzing sound with a harmonic sound of a choir or the sound of the Universe. In the Aura books they called this, COSMIC LEVEL. When you reached a level of meditation, people experience sounds.


I cannot put a label on this as I don’t believe it is a COSMIC LEVEL because it’s different and I am still making sense of it too and embracing this new thing that is currently happening to me.



I think I did a multitude of things yesterday spiritually that I cannot trace back to.  I started talking to my guides.  I actually never embraced the thought of spirit guides until this year.  Yesterday I decided to just talk to my guides even though there was not a physical or auditory reciprocation.  I decided that one sided communication would be fine with me.  As long as they knew I was ready to finally build a relationship with them.


I worked on a small list of beliefs before I went to sleep.  It was the belief of Romans and the fear of being a healer.  One belief I recall working on was,

“In order to be psychic, I have to see things like I do in the physical form”

I forgot what I asked Creator to change it to.   I asked Creator to change it in the highest and best. Left it it up to Creator of All That Is.   I also worked on my beliefs with Romans.  I wanted so much to remove the beliefs of:

“I hate Romans.” (I muscle tested this.)

It was so stubborn, I could not figure out why it will not change for the past few days.  So I asked Creator what do I need to do? Show me or tell me what I should ask for?  I actually suddenly had flashes of resentments of visions of myself in the Roman Coliseum and did THREE Rs of, “The Romans, taking me to a Roman Coliseum and killed me.”  


Well It’s been over an hour now and I still hear the sounds.  No matter what, I dont find it scary.  Im actually amazed and fascinated.  I want to rejoice such a beautiful experience.  If I remember, I will write a follow up of what is happening to me.

In Creator’s Light and Blessings!


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