A few days ago, I wrote in my blog about this sound that I was hearing. I thought it was fascinating. Later I have discovered something.


I was working on my beliefs so much. What I didnt realize is that belief, “I HATE ROMANS” was a deep stubborn belief that I was working on. It was a belief I worked on for more than 6 days to find the right beliefs. Finally, I remember the night before working on the belief and the next day I suddenly heard this vibration that had a high female tone. It sounded like tinkling glass and the wind. It was loud walking into the corners of the house and closed in areas like the bathroom.

How fascinated I was to have heard such a thing. Actually I was really going through something that I need to really remember for future clients or for perhaps some ThetaHealer Practitioners.

I just realized the “I HATE ROMANS” was so big. When it was time for it to change and remove, it took a big chunk out of me and leaving a large opening in my AURA. That was why I COULD HEAR all of that stuff. I was hearing my own AURA or VIBBRATIONS. Leaving me susceptible to being TOO OPEN. SOOOOOOOO OPEN that it effected me in a way that was dangerous.


Yesterday I decided to take nap. While I was trying to nap, my body would not want to fall asleep. So I just closed my eyes and lay there. I felt myself in an automatic mode of meditation. I felt like my mind was cycling. I know I was astral projecting above me. Then all of a sudden, I heard this sound. The best way I can describe the sound is that it sounded like how you are tuning your radio station, but a little different. I heard a high tone, wind, buzzing and voices like sort of laughing. THAT AINT COOL AT ALL! While in Astral…..I heard this. The sound was kind of far…but as the sounds started getting closer…my instincts…automatically my body returned back into my body and I was going through a battle. I literally could not open my eyes or my body. The only thing I could move was my FIST. I was also able to hear my thoughts and while this was happening I still could hear that strange sound. At the same time I felt the energy pushing itself against me…mostly around my left side of my head. In that very instant I said in my own thoughts, “oh my I cant open my eyes. Creator of All That Is…..HELP ME.” The very second I said this….the energy pulled away. I was free again. I opened my eyes, sat right up and yelled out, “THIS IS MY SPACE! GO AWAY!”

I was terrified for a few hours. Writing emails to my instructors and asking for advice. One of them responded and told me a list of possible things.

  • Could be AURIC FIELD is ripped, torn, a hole
  • Multidimensional Alien energies
  • Entities
  • Trauma from childhood
  • and more

Well as I looked at the list, I contemplated for hours what could it be?  I came to the conclusion that i was working on that stubborn belief, “I HATE ROMANS” then the next day this BIG SOUND of VIBRATIONS was following me everywhere.  Now I know…..it made perfect sense that was the result of working on this belief.  A BIG CHUNK was changed.  I WAS OPEN and I didnt even know it.


I spent a few hours asking Creator to help me with a couple of things regarding this problem.

  • Asked Creator for all entities, spirits, ghosts, waywards, demons and fallens (I know fallens you have to get the name) that are without serving me any purpose to be removed and sent to Creator’s light in the highest and best way
  • Next I asked Creator to cleanse my Auric Field
  • I asked Creator to cleanse my Energy Field
  • I asked Creator to heal my Auric Field
  • I asked Creator to heal my Energy Field
  • I asked Creator to seal all holes, rips, tears and all openings that are inside and outside of my Auric Field
  • I asked Creator to seal all holes, rips, tears and all openings that are inside and outside of my Energy Field
  • I asked Creator that my Auric Field be change and make it whole once again
  • I asked Creator that  my Energy Field and change and make it whole once again
  • Then I asked to send Creator’s unconditional love to flow inside and outside of my Auric Field and Energy Field

I know that sounds a lot.  I couldnt take any chances anymore.  I didnt want that to happen again.  After doing these healings on myself…I felt secure again.  I can actually feel the energy around my skin feel smoother.  I felt this feeling of safety again.  I FELT SECURE AGAIN.

Can you imagine?  I didnt want to go to sleep last night because I DIDNT want this to happen again.  Now I sleep with rainbow and gold light.  People say white light, but I feel more secure with rainbow and gold.

Im feeling better now.  Everything feels great.  The loud vibrations are faint now. Sounds like everything is looking good.


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