The main thing these days now is to continuously pay attention to my AURA and CHAKRAS.  I’ve done so many belief work, downloading feelings so much that I’ve neglected to pay attention to my AURA and CHAKRAS.    I’ve decided that I will now add this to my daily ritual to align my chakras and aura.

Also Im thinking of turning off the internet wireless in my home before I go to sleep.  Turning off the computers everywhere throughout the house.  Maybe Im going a little too far for someone people who do not understand.

Personally, it is very important for me to evolve.  I feel that since I am doing so many healings not only on myself, but for other people, I need to make sure I am in tuned.  Finely tuned inside and outside of “ME”.  I need to take care of myself and make sure I am good to go before I can help others.


I found a really cool exercise for increasing your visual perception looking at Auras.  I thought it would be interesting to read and practice the exercises.

I have a brain candy shelf of books and I have approximately 3 books about Auras and Chakras.  I will probably have to re-read and review them again.






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