This testimonial is somewhat premature, but I have to record it as a blog…just so I can remember it.  My friend Pamela accidentally had a hairline fracture and never discussed it with me for over a month  She lives in Hawaii and we text message almost everyday.

Today she said to me by text that she is enduring the pain of this hairline fracture.  I asked her as it popped up in my head, “Do you have borderline diabetes or full on?”  She told me it was full blown real diabetes.  I asked this question because I was concern about her healing process.  When you have diabetes, it could take a while to heal.   So I encouraged her to drink more milk or take on calcium supplements.  It was the discussion of the day today by text messaging

I offered to do a healing  She agreed and said Yes.

I asked Creator to change the bones in her right foot.

Then I asked Creator to return her bones back to it’s original state.

In about 3 hours later…..she tells me the pain in her right foot that she has been feeling for over a month….the PAIN is GONE!

We were praising Creator of All That is over and over again.  Rejoicing!  What an amazing miracle.

All we have to do now is to find out and verify with her doctor.

EVEN WITHOUT VERIFYING with her doctor….I already know it’s healed. Creator did it.

But doesnt hurt to get a second opinion.  I AM SO HAPPY!  SO FULL OF TEARS OF JOY!



I had a conversation with PW today and told her about an incident that happened while house sitting my Aunt’s house back in 2010. She laughed at me because she thought it was hilarious that I was unaware of the misunderstanding that I have encountered with an entity. (click above title to read more) Continue reading


Not sure what is this feeling.  Am I feeling insecure? Do I feel left behind?  Am I blocked?  The Tiara of graduation….the Crown at graduation…the goal?  Is it important to me?  Am I just jealous? or maybe it’s not jealousy…I could just be feeling left out.  I feel as if maybe I am unsure who I am spiritually.

ThetaHealer?  I do this well.  Mediumship? Im actually terrified to really becoming a spiritual telephone operator.  I know I have blocks, but I also am afraid of removing them.  What is going on here?

I’ve decided that mediumship is not something I want to do as a “career” or a specialty  I have to tools.  I am born with it.  I can randomly hear spirits, entities and etc etc.  BUT it is not my speciality.   I dont want to specialize in talking to spirits or entities.

I respect mediums.  I think sometimes I wish  could harness my gifts.  Maybe becoming a better Medium than being the Medium I am today.  I will let it be.  WHen the time is right….the time will be right.  If I grow in this area..I will just let it be naturally.

I really do love ThetaHealing.  I feel that I need to move on forward.  I need to educate myself more and move on forward to becoming a better ThetaHealer than I am now today. Education…removing block…and experiencing the best that I can be for myself.