Today I feel more secure and safe.


I have finally spoken to one of my good friends who is a Psychic and Physical Medium.  Her interpretation of what has happened to me last Friday was that because I removed the block, “I hate Romans”, something inside me changed….something inside me became open.  She told me I have opened the ability to channel.  (read the last few blogs I wrote since Friday)


She suggested I look for a good teacher to make me understand.  She told me to be careful who is teaching because there are some who would push their own beliefs and not realize that every person is different in the way they perceive things.  I actually just want to find a good teacher to help me understand about Channeling.  


Everyone channels through art, writing music, reading a book, inventions…etc etc…but I do not want to channel where a spirit enters my body.  I have to say that I am  ignorant to the idea.  I dont know anything about it.  I have seen people do it in front of me and also on videos.  I honestly do not want to do this type of channeling.  I honestly feel it is a violation to my space.  Do I want to channel that way through the body, “N -O….NO NO NO NO!”

I want to control it, so it will not happen again.



So in the mean time while I am search for a good teacher, I was told to ground myself more than usual.  I ground myself before meditation and right after.  Now I will have to look into the crystals in my home.  I have tigers eye crystals that I can attach to my ankles.  I also need to make it a habit to do it once in a while throughout the day…especially napping and before going to sleep at night.  GROUNDING IS IMPORTANT


I am now in search for books of channeling.  I guess I can read different perspectives and also learn from it while I am searching for a teacher.


Seriously…I thought just ignoring the gift of channeling will make it easy to forget…hopefully it will disappear…but that is not the case.  I guess if I learn to understand it and know it….I can begin to control it.



2 thoughts on “THE TRUTH

  1. Grace, I think you need to explore this a bit. I don’t believe this will unfold the way you are imagining. Give it a chance. Be open (no pun intended). Find a workshop or week long intensive to study and learn. You have a lot of fear surrounding this. Let go of the expectations. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

    • Thank you Amy. Yes the fear is the spirit or entity entering my body is not what I want to do. I feel it’s a violation of my space. We will see….lets see what I will learn. In search now for a good teacher.

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