It’s a mystery to me about my stand about spirituality.  I am still in search.  It is hearsay to take others word for it.  I try to listen what I hear from others and take that information and see if my heart resonates with that information.  I go out and seek for the truth.  I ask myself if it fits with me.

There are so many labels out there….Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow children….then Lightworkers, and Galactic Beings of Light, Star seeds…etc etc.

The symptoms….the characteristics are almost all the same.

Right now I am in silent mode.  When I go to these meetups, I do not say much because I want to observe.  Not just the people there, but also observing myself as the person.  I think sometimes I say things that are too much for others to wrap their heads around.  It is time to stay silent and listen.  I think sometimes its okay to do change your mode.  TO listen sometimes.

I notice people differently.  I didnt realize this woman Skylar was really gifted as she seems.  She is a medium.  Very intelligent and perceptive.

I have also noticed that certain people I didnt know were a lot more gifted than they seem.

Sometimes it is best to listen sometimes.  Use your ears and observe.  I use to talk a lot…..its time to hear.  You never know….you might learn something new.

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