I know how to ask Creator to remove entities in ThetaHealing style, but if you should be feeling dissolution and cant seem to make it up there to the seventh plane…you need something extra to change the vibration around you.

Should you feel that you need to change the vibration in your bedroom, home or an area, this is a sure quick way to clear the imbalances.  I don’t even know where to begin on my story how it works for me. After stabilizing your environment, you can then start the seventh plane journey. Some of us don’t need this extra environment change and some of us DO. Either way, everyone is different.

Let’s just say that I am currently working on something right now and it needs to be taken care of right away.  I guess I am hypersensitive because I have been adamant about it in the last few days.  I will write about it later when my energies are back to normal and feeling my true self again.  The experience is just too dramatic at this time to write or talk about.  Ill give it a few days or a week or two.  Ill keep this blog updated to mention what happened later.

Fallens, entities of low vibrations will not like this tone.  If they do, who knows…maybe they will like it and realize they need to start changing their vibration.

When facing these types of entities, I can assume that it may be uncomfortable to say such things to that FALLEN entity, “GOD LOVES YOU.  CREATOR OF ALL THAT IS LOVES YOU.  I LOVE YOU.  WE ARE ALL CONNECTED BY THE LOVING LIGHT OF CREATOR.”  Yeah say this over and over again….it works for me.  I have to be clear here. YOU should say this to the fallen or entity that is bugging you.  You can tell them you love them.  Seriously…they can’t handle the “LOVE” energy.  They either want to change or leave.

Well if it doesn’t work for you, then at least you’ve tried.

There are some major changes happening right now in our Universe.  Staying balance is important.  Keeping your inner and outer balance is essential to stay sane.

Creator’s Blessings with light!

Grace Ballesteros


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