I went to OLOGY today and got a few tumblestones.

  • Black Obsidian
  • Black/White Moonstone
  • White Moonstone
  • Prehnite (Green)

I went to get the Black Obsidian because although I ground myself all the time, I think sometimes I do catch myself out there in a cycle mode.  It’s that type of channeling where a person i just being an open satellite dish.  Sometimes I am not aware of it.  I am not quite asleep and I put myself there where I am cycling from sleep to being up there out in the Universe.  If I do float myself out there looking at the Universe, I need to also be aware of my grounding.

Moonstones have always been a fascination for me.  When I picked it up, I could feel the connection.  It called to me and I feel this tapping feeling deep inside of me that made my energy race just a little.

Last but not least, I was hurrying out the store.  I said that I needed something to help me to always recall my dreams.  Prehnite is something that supposedly help me.

I rinsed the tumblestones in cold cold water and some table salt.  Dried them and then run them through grains of dry salt.  I asked Creator to clear them, cleanse them….remove trauma…..and return them back to it’s original properties.  I could feel the energy in my hands when I meditate.  It was interesting.

So they are now added to my collection of crystals.  I only photographed what was able to fit into that bowl.  My bracelets, necklaces, eggs, and large stones are not photographed.  Let’s see what happens.

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