I have this theory.  I came up with this theory after going through many months wondering why would one hear voices before you wake up.  They called this Morning Chatter.

At first I thought maybe it is my guides or it could be my subconscious mind.

When you hear voices, you should ask yourself first what the words mean.  For example I have heard the following:

  • Who are you?
  • Get back into the body.

Obviously if you hear the voice asking, “Who are you?” ….why would your Guides ask you that question if they are already suppose to know you?

How about “Get back into the body”?  I thought about this and perhaps….my Guides were watching my body while I went all over the place in astral travel.  Or…..an entity stuck to my AURA was unable to attach unless I am not there.

It could mean a million things.

I realized with this Theory….I was going to make an experiment.  Since I do ThetaHealings on myself too, I’ve decided to ask Creator of All That Is to command that Entities, Spirits, Ghosts, Waywards, Demons and Fallens that are without serving me any purpose and are  “In my space, In my Auric Field, In my Energy Field, Inside and outside of Chakras”  be pulled, removed and sent to Creator’s Light.  In the highest and best way. It is done 3x

Well guess what?  I feel lighter energetically.  I haven’t heard those strange voice chatters too.  I will be observing to see if there has been a difference.

If you do decide to try this, continue to cleanse your chakras and auric field.  Also ask for the command to make your AURIC FIELD whole once again.

It is something I always wonder.  I am beginning to believe that entities do come and go.  No matter how high your vibration is, they can still stick around, attach or just play as tricksters in your space.


2 thoughts on “ENTITIES IN YOUR AURA

    • Hey Amy! How you doing? I didnt feel any emotions. The only emotions I felt with the WHO ARE YOU….was the feeling of lost. The one with the voice get back into the body was feeling anxious and that feeling of urgency. I’ve learned the past two weeks that entities are diverse. They could be cold, static electricity, light beings and sometimes just null. Hahaha. I went a little haywire for awhile until someone told me they are diverse.

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