Wearing the hematite at night for sleep.


I woke up at 5am dreaming of walking through a nicely done house.  Modern, clean lines. But when I entered the bedroom, there were two people on the bed and a person sleeping on the floor beside it.  I walked to the end of that room.  Then I heard a voice say, you must leave.  I turned around and took my last look at the people sleeping and thought to myself, “Why are they all huddling like this?  Is this a sleep over?”  I started to walk all the way back to the front door. I was confused and wondered,  ‘where is that person that told me to leave?’  As I was about to walk out the house, my eyes were about to open. I had an awareness I was asleep….I heard the voice, “Where?” (High toned female voice)


I dont remember my dream, but I heard a female crying as soon as I was slowly being aware that it was time to wake up.


Obviously the hematite is effecting me. Entering a house is really my body.  I think seeing the clean lines and modern just tells me that Im being cleansed.  People doing the sleepover is just that I still have some energies that do not belong here in my body.

The voices?  This only tells me an entity.  A ghost, spirit OR of energy within me ?            You know….honestly……I have heard that same crying for days but it was faint.  But this morning it was very clear and loud.



I guess the whole mediumship thing is still new to me.  As a ThetaHealer, I was taught to ask Creator to remove entities, spirits ghosts and waywards that are without serving me any purpose and send to Creator’s light.  As a ThetaHealer, we don’t talk to them, unless it’s your guides but only connecting to Creator of All That Is first.  Talking to entities is not neccessary for us.  That is why it’s been a different experience for me to be surrounded by mediums that interact with them as if it is normal.

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