New Life Experiment

The New Life Experiment was written by Vianna Stibal, founder of ThetaHealing. Thought this would be good to share, and a great New Year’s Resolution to start changing your energies to a higher, more positive vibration!

The New Life Experiment is to train ourselves to self-monitor what we say, what we do, how we act and react to others. This exercise will show you just how much negativity that we create in our lives and how we can stop ourselves from saying and doing negative things.

When you catch yourself using a negative statement, always cancel it. Better yet, catch yourself before you say it and choose a different thought. Shift to a different reality and choose to use your energy on your manifesting more positive things. Negative thought forms consume an incredible amount of our energy. As the negative thought form begins to take shape, stop it in motion and back up, change your thought to a more positive one instantly.

Things to Remember:
No complaining.
No whining.
No being overly critical.
No being overly judgemental.
No poking fun at others.
No being cynical or facetious.
No creating reasons to be sorry or to say you’re sorry out of habit.
No creating reasons to stress.
No creating reasons to be unhappy.
No affirming negative thoughts, such as ‘I’m overweight.’
No affirming negative feelings, such as ‘I’m depressed.’
No making reasons to be angry.
No making or seeking out reasons to overcome, to fight, to struggle, or combat (more than necessary).
No making reasons to be anxious.
No making reasons to be overwhelmed.
No making reasons to worry.
No making reasons for self doubt.
No creating situations of lack or sarcity with statements such as ‘I don’t have enough energy,’ instead make the claim ‘I have plenty’.
No creating chaos or drama for entertainment, excitement, adventure, thrills, or to avoid peace.
No wrong or right, better or worse, should, hope or try.


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