This is only what I can remember.

It’s like a third person dream.  I was observing this man waiting in front of a house.  He was waiting and waiting that felt like for hours.  Then he got exhausted and said, “I wont wait anymore. I will go to the movies.”


This is all I could remember.  Well….belief work?  Honestly there have been times in my life since I was a child ……where I been waiting for the people I care about to come for me.  I guess I thought I worked on this when I first learned ThetaHealing, but at the time I was still brand new to the modality.  I was practicing and a little lost.



  • Parents took me to the island of Kauai because they didn’t have a babysitter, so they decided that my Aunt will take care of me.  I was playing with a child at my Aunt’s house and my Dad came out of the house and walked into the car.  I asked him, “Where you going Daddy?”  He said he will be going to the store and that I will just stay here and play. As a four year old with no sense of time, I waited everyday by the door for my Dad to come back.
  • Honestly…when I look back at that time, I believed he would return to take me home.  Eventually they did.  To me it felt like months.  My parents told me that it was actually only a week.    I have to say though that this carried into my relationships too.  I really need to clear this.


  • There was a time when my parents would leave me with my Grandmother and they would sneak out of the house without me knowing.  As I heard the door closed shut from the front door, I ran throughout the house looking for my parents.  I went to my Grandmother and asked her, “Where is my mommy and daddy?”  Then I cried for hours.  My Grandmother would comfort me.
  • Geesh!  When I think about this, I wish my parents handled this a little better. Now I got problems with abandonment and waiting.  I get along with my parents.  We are always in good loving terms with eachother.  It’s just the way they handled that.  It was just traumatizing for a child.  They could’ve told me they were going to return and to just play with Grandma.  I dont know.  Couldve been done differently.


  • There have been times when I have the patience to wait for ex-boyfriends. Ones that make me wait for hours before a date.  
  • Just writing this now just made me realize that I have been very forgiving too.  


So nice to just write and vent it all out here on my blog.  Ill work it today.  Hopefully Ill find the bottom belief.

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