I had a dream about learning Reiki and more ThetaHealing skills.

This is all I can remember.


I woke up hearing a vibration.  I find that unnerving because anything that moves or gives out sound/smell…..I find it without ease and grace.  I guess for some Mediums they would analyze it and ask it, “who are you? what do you want?”

For me honestly…I think it’s actually like invading my privacy and space.

I have MEDIUMSHIP skills, but I actually prefer to not have them.  Why?  Because imagine waking up because something woke you up? Then you see visions of them wanting you to deliver a message?  It sounds selfish right of me to say that I dont want to help.  I dont believe it serves me any purpose to.  I can serve the masses in a different way.  I dont believe that I need to use my Mediumship skills.  I rather be a healer.  YET….maybe it comes with the package?

I am seeing a trend now.  These “TYPE” of entities that visit this way……they appear when I am working on my beliefs.   I t could be a number of reasons why:

  • Maybe they see that I am clearing and they are seeing my energy. (Brighter?)
  • THey think I can help them
  • They think I am useful?
  • They get excited.

Okay now I have dealt with regular normal spirits.  BUT there is another kind that wants to MESS with you.  Like the vibration near your face.  They mustve been doing that for years, but ignored it.  Or waking you up.  My body is so aware when asleep….when something is just passing through….I WAKE UP.  My eyes opened this morning quickly as I felt the vibration.  I knew.   Violation of space….violation of my energy.

I dont believe they are fairies.


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