At 3:00AM I stayed awake and smudged the entire house.  After it was all done, it was already 3:45AM.

I did a lot of prayers while smudging.  Asking Creator of All That is to remove all entities, spirits, ghosts, waywards, fallens and demons that are without serving me any purpose be pulled and send to Creator’s light in the highest and best way of all that is.  Thank you!  It is done. It is done. It is done.

Yes….I said that a couple of times in OPEN EYE and CLOSED EYE THETA BRAIN WAVE.

When all done, I fell asleep and knocked out sleeping.  I slept a straight 8 hours.    The last couple of two weeks I been waking up ever 2 hours.  It was because wearing the Hematite crystals tell me who is visiting.  It really does tell me if there is an intruder.

SO that was cool.  It’s nice to do this once a month or more often as you can.

Im thinking of purchasing SAGE incense to burn for just my bedroom.  I am the only one in the house that has a “major” awareness.  My entire family sees entities/spirits/ghosts but it is random.  For me…it is more than they can all handle.

SAGE INCENSE will be great for small jobs for me.  Just for my bedroom.  Then once a month I can burn a SAGE SMUDGE STICK for the entire house.  THAT IS THE PLAN!


One thought on “SAGE – SMUDGING

  1. Haha, Grace, you’ve reminded me… I once lived in a condo and went through a lot of challenges at that time. I did a LOT of smudging! When I moved out, after being there for about 3-1/2 years, I was aghast that on the while walls, behind the open bookcase, were “reverse shadows”, where the occupants of the shelves had been… I had smudged so much I sooted the walls!
    (Thank goodness I wasn’t expected to paint…) 😉
    Have a wonderful week!

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