I will speak for myself.  I will write about my experience.  People may have their own point of view and that is okay.

When I started to make that effort to understand our gift of knowing, I was told by my mentors that meditation is our way to enhance psychic abilities and connect to our spiritual realm.  So the last couple of months I’ve been in full throttle with my meditations.  ThetaHealing is not ordinary meditation too.  Doing Thetahealing….when you decide to make it a part of your life, you are always connected to that Brainwave. You are going up and down…up and down….up and down.  Yeah that is my life.   That is the FREE WILL that I decided to make a part of my lifestyle.

By going through full throttle with THETA BRAIN WAVE….yes it has open a lot of psychic doors.  I notice that 24 hours a day entities, spirits, ghosts and waywards are always around.   They are either trying to give me messages or they are curious about me.  Some attempt to attach themselves to my Aura.   So when you are always meditating or in the Theta Brain Wave often, you will get sensitive to all these other energies.  I notice my senses are heightened in smell, sight, touch, hear and taste.

I sound like a broken record.  I mean because I know people been saying that all the time.  MEDITATE … will be more connected and have an understanding. I guess taking that advice and working on yourself….you dont realize the REALITY until you really SUBMERGED yourself with DOING IT all the time.  Now I am over that mountain and look back and understand what they mean.


How did I now UNDERSTOOD?  Well yesterday I meditate ONE TIME to protect my aura.  I normally meditate 5 times a day or more.  I wanted to see what would happen if I stopped doing it.  I meditated only once yesterday.  Throughout the day I told myself to start listening to mainstream music…RAP…POP….R&B.  I also decided to watch a lot of TV.

Results?  I was desensitized.  I could no longer feel the entities, ghosts, spirits….I could no longer feel strange sounds or smell.


Can you imagine that majority of people in our country are desensitized?  They are not aware of what is really going on in the spirit realm.    Imagine the weak ones who are desensitized?  I see entities attach themselves to people.  I have seen it several times.  When we become angry, depressed, guilt or full or ego……..yes it is very easy for entities to want to hang out in your auric field and attach.  I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

Even with me….I am aware.  ENTITIES still try to attempt to attach or hang out with you.  Seriously…they will do it anyway.  But I have my own ThetaHealing way to move them along.


Watching TV, listening to radio, anger, depression, ego, without loving thyself, being negative and etc etc……is the way to NOT SEE WHAT IS REALLY happening.  If you really need to watch TV…avoid commercials.  Sometimes in TV programming there are still lower frequencies to lower down your vibration.


So now that I have acknowledged and made my analysis about being at high and low vibration……I have some mix thoughts.  TO be aware is a great gift.  You can instantly make the choice to send entities on their way if you are aware.  BUT if you are not aware….and at low vibration……how will you know what is really happening?

I truly believe entities bother everyone and anyone.  As an evolve spirit you may be only a target for the reason that your LIGHT is bright.  At the same time….they will still want to feed off from someone who will allow them to feed off their energies.


I decided that I will now continue my FULL THROTTLE meditations.  When it comes to the awareness of entities….I need to live pass it.  I freak out because I dont know what they want to do.  But I notice I am only freaking out because I am aware.  What an opportunity to make choices to acknowledge and send them on their way to Creator’s Love and Light.


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