There is someone in my circle of friends that finally understood my issue about sleeping and napping.  I been battling this since March 2012 and I was beginning to just live with it until I get fully run down by exhaustion.  So here is the deal.


Before I move along with my explanation, I just want the reader know that everyone is made differently.  Some people may approach this problem a different way.  I can only say that I respect who ever wants to give me advice about it, but last night I found a solution that resonated better for me.


Since March 2012 this year, I have reason to believe that I have the ability to hear, see, feel and smell entities, spirits, ghosts and waywards.  As I mentioned years ago, I could do that too BUT this time it’s in my face.  SINCE MARCH 2012….its been IN MY FACE.  Before I can just say, “Oh I seen this and that.”  Then I brush it off saying…”Oh well.  Whatever.”   You see….NOW it is EVERYTIME!  Before it was once in a great while.  NOW it is YEP  ….”EVERYTIME!”

When I discovered I could hear, smell and feel them all the time…it drove me into this series of UP AND DOWN anxiety.  How in the world do you live with it?

I do not want to be like John Edwards, Long Island Medium or Allison Dubois.  It is not my forte.  I am a ThetaHealer and we dont usually spend a lot of time being a “SPIRITUAL OPERATOR” delivering messages.  I have nothing against other MEDIUMS.  I really dont.  If they choose to do that…thats fine with me.   I have much respect for mediums. They are so brave.  I wish I was brave in that kind of sense….like that….I just cannot handle it.  I am bottom line telling the TRUTH….I JUST cannot handle it.


I have mediumship skills.  It’s not skillfully developed but it is in my face very much REAL and PROMINENTLY AVAILABLE.  Maybe it is a belief?  I believe if you help one entity, spirit or ghost…there will be more standing in line.  They say as a Medium, you have full control to STOP them.  Well to me….why start?  Why start the process of helping one and then encounter “ONE” of those who are just stubborn and will not respect your wishes of STOPPING.   I have to say….I have witnessed ones that are STUBBORN and will not leave you alone.  Like many humans……there are entities, ghosts and spirits that are also stubborn.  Not all are benevolent, kind and loving.


  1. I use my ThetaHealing technique to ask Creator to take them to Creator’s light.
  2. Wait till your mind or brain is in full exhaustion.  Then go to sleep.
  3. Use a deep meditation crystal example like SELENITE


Remember when you are a child, your parents send you to bed around 6pm or 8pm?  You lay in bed as a child and you just TRY TRY to fall asleep.  Even though you are not tired, you TRY to fall asleep.

I can no longer do that anymore.  There is no way I can go to bed and force myself to sleep. If I lay in bed and do this….I will go through a session of ENTITIES trying to speak to me.  I shield myself…….I put GOLD LIGHT around me….it works but there are other ways for an entity to be FAR from you and still speak to you telepathically.


I ask Creator to close my psychic door so I cannot hear negative things.  YES they would deliberately touch your auric field and if you are hypersensitive….youll feel as if something has disturbed your auric field even though they cannot latch on.


Your brain needs to be fully knocked out.  Like super tired and deep into sleep in order to fully enjoy your full night of sleep for energizing.


FInally someone understood what I was talking about.  We compared notes and he told me he has to exhaust his brain in order to really get a full nights sleep.  I was noticing the same but I was still stuck in the paradigm of being the normal child I use to be and FORCE myself to sleep at 8pm at night.

GOOD LUCK TO THOSE who can relate to this.


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