I went to a group meeting and the topic was about Chakras and Auras.  It was an interesting get together and I found it enjoyable learning new things.

The speaker of the group is very gifted and can see Auras and Chakras naturally.  Then the subject had turned into about Astral Projection.     I was surprised to hear that when you visit people like family or friends, they would enter their space to send a dream or speak to them.


I am a firm believer of FREE WILL.  Something happens inside of me (CRINGE) when I hear people talk about going into PEOPLE’s SPACES without asking permission.  I have heard people say that they have entered a person’s space through the FEET and UNDER THE ARMS.  Now….. what shocked the heck out of me is that people are capable of doing this….BAD OR GOOD, EVIL OR BENEVOLENT…….they are capable if you had the abilities to understand how to.


According to this meeting, with astral projection……. it is possible.  I am a firm believer of OWNING YOUR SPACE.  What does owning your space mean?  It means that the body you own….and live in…….is the space that you occupy.  Therefore, with respect, entities, spirits ghosts, waywards, demons and fallens……….AND ESPECIALLY living creatures and humans….should RESPECT your space.  It is Universal Law.  This is what they say with people who are into Christianity….they say the LORD’s PRAYER and a line is mentioned about TRESPASS against us?  It’s the same thing as when people, entities are entering your space.

I don’t like the idea of ANYTHING.  I MEAN ANYTHING………..entering my space.  I don’t want it.  I think it’s wrong.  It is also the thought of something or someone VIOLATING your space that makes me want to cringe.


So those of you who are resonating to this BLOG POST…..get some hematite crystals and wrap it around your ankles at night or keep your underarms down when you are asleep.  If you are the type….put a shield on yourself and ask your guardians to protect your space.


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