Paula (Paula Williams) What a beautiful beautiful beautiful MIRACLE! I can not express the magnitude I feel for the amazing MIRACLE that Creator has made us witness. The many weeks and months…I am right now re-visted by the reminder again HOW AMAZING Creator is. I always knew, but I am reminded again the reason I love this modality so much. I have so much love and gratitude for just allowing me to know you as a person. You are perfect Paula and I wish you many more miracles. Creator’s Light and Blessings, Grace


I have to say this is something I need to document.  My friend Paula, Medium, who I have met this year is healing from a stroke since 2004/2005.  Her left arm is tight. She is without mobility in the left arm and left hand.  For about the first time I volunteered to do Thetahealing® on her to be up to the challenge because I have never attempted to heal a person who had a stroke past.  I started off getting to know her by giving her some downloads to have her be open to the idea of receiving Thetahealing®.  This helps her to start a belief that instant healings are possible.  Then a little of belief work.

We started to become good friends and sometimes I run into her on facebook chat.  There are some times where it automatically was natural for me to do some downloads for her like, “I know what it feels like to have my arm be a part of me.”  Downloaded her in many perspectives regarding the same subject.  I would reword it in many ways related to being ONE with her left arm.    She later confirmed with me that she was able to move her arm and cup her hand on the arm of the chair.  She said she has never done this since 2004.

Days later I got some of my friends to do a Group Healing on her arm again and also removing and cleaning the anyeurism in her head.

Then days later she went through the Broken Heart and Broken Soul command and GUESS WHAT!


Wow.  I am just so excited to share this.  What a beautiful miracle.  She told me one morning that she was finally able to move her left arm higher and stretch out her pointer finger and touch her forehead.  WHAT AN AMAZING MIRACLE!

Thank you so much Creator of All That Is.

Thank you to Thetahealing®.


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