I did my first Introduction to Thetahealing short workshop.  Summing it up to two hours.  WOW that was a lot.  Me personally, I believe it was a success.  Some others thought it was not.

I personally enjoyed it and I loved sharing Thetahealing.  I love it so much, I just cant wait to share it with everyone.

I did belief work on a woman at this small workshop and it was difficult because she didnt want to go deeper.  She even admitted that we were getting to her CORE belief.  But she ended up staying in the belief that she LIKES being alone.  Oh well.  It’s okay.  I guess going deeper can be intimidating especially when a lot of others are watching.

It is okay.  Lots of love to her.  She was brave to volunteer.

But the belief of, “I have to struggle to succeed” was changed for her.

It worked out great.  I enjoyed it and YAY it was amazing. I am looking forward to sharing more.

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