I have done so much auric cleansing on myself and because I do this regularly, I actually feel the difference.   I can literally tell if there is something attaching themselves to you.  I hate to say this but we all collect them.  You don’t have to be good or bad.  They attach to you like a magnet.  Then when you do your cleansing, it’s like taking an aura shower.

Also the entities that attach to you, they could be benevolent, malevolent or whatever you call it a fallen?  The ones that are stubborn to be taken off, you may need to know their name.  You can ask another psychic or medium for the name if you cant get it.  Then ask Creator or however you do it to cleanse your auric field.

I find it fascinating the other evening when I am between sleep and awake facing to my left side to fall asleep.  I am talking to myself saying inside my head, “Creator loves me.  Creator of All That Is is all around me.  I love Creator.”  Then a voice………says “uh huh”  In a condescending voice.

Yes freaks me out RIGHT!

Yes no way Im gonna let something hang out like that on me.  It can be exhausting to do these aura cleanses………but seriously do it more often.


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